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24-Jul-2017 05:52

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You've seen them sitting at their keyboards, wearing barely anything, winking at you, typing to nobody in particular with thin, lethargic arms: bored and conventionally beautiful.

The ads, with flirty video that might be live or recorded years ago, shout at you with promises of "Live Sex Chat" and "Sex Shows", with both amateurs and "pornstars" alike.

I'm kind of just wanking myself here, trying not to buy the ridiculously cheap WC Helium Friends on steep and cheap right now, but have questions for the large cam sizes.

(if you could just buy those out, you'd save me a lot of grief) I'm going to compare everything to BD.

Also, after masturbating, I have this uncontrollable urge to work out.

If you think cam girls are bleakly stripping online out of desperation, you're also right.

So based on the advice of the video I browsed the Reddit community called No Fap that is a collection of people quitting “PMO” (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm).

We focus on providing an adult dating environment that is friendly and enjoyable for all, including the LBGT community.… continue reading »

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