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The 36 questions were published in a study by psychologist Arthur Aron called 'The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness'. He tested the theory that it's possible to make two people fall in love by getting them to share intimate thoughts and memories. The last, terrifying, element of Aron's experiment requires the two participants to stare into each other's eyes for four minutes. So grab your potential love interest - or any willing particpant (that's half the battle, says Catron, just trying the experiment signals that you're open to falling in love) and get questioning. The 36 questions which can make you 'fall in love with anyone': Set One 1. Aziz Ansari, the American comedian best known for playing the overconfident slacker Tom Haverford on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, has made being a feminist somewhat of a cornerstone of his post-sitcom career.“Most people are a feminist and yet don’t want to identify with that word,” he said in an interview with Cosmo earlier this year.----------------------------------- 2.1 - Basic Disguise Requirements ----------------------------------- ------- 2.1.1 - Basic ------- ----------- (1) DRESS ----------- To get a dress, from the boutique, enter the bar in the northern part of Wall Market and talk to the drunk man near the entrance. You'll be challenged by a trainer to a squat contest. Room 5: The Queen's Room - n/a ----------------------------------------- 2.2 - Key Item Combinations and Effects ----------------------------------------- The following key items are the only ones that can affect the Don's decision: DRESS - Cotton Dress - Cotton-woven dress - Satin Dress - Dress amde of satin - Silk Dress - Dress made of silk WIG - Wig - Wig made from messed up hair - Dyed Wig - A dyed wig - Blonde Wig - A blonde wig COLOGNE - Cologne - Cheap perfume - Flower Cologne - Flower scented perfume - Sexy Cologne - Perfume that amorously arouses TIARA - Glass Tiara - A glass tiara - Ruby Tiara - A ruby tiara - Diamond Tiara - A diamond tiara UNDERGARMENT - Lingerie - Perfumed underwear - Bikini Briefs - Tight-fitting briefs There are many key item combinations and I don't have enought time to try all. Ask him to make you a dress and you will be given a few choices (with regard to the type of dress you want): Something: that feels clean that feels soft Something shiny that shimmers Depending on what you have chosen, you'll get the following dress: 1. All you need is to press the following buttons in order: "square", x, o Repeat it over and over until the timer ends. Lose - WIG Now that you have a dress and a wig, you may return to the boutique, but if you want to have Tifa or Cloud to be chosen... ------- 2.1.2 - Optional ------- ------------- (1) COLOGNE ------------- The following items MAY cause the Don to choose between Tifa or Cloud: Once you have a dress and a wig (Check 2.1.1), do not return to the boutique. Plate Sushi Plate Today's Special It doesn't matter what you choose. I've had better dog food - (none) Enter the pharmacy just below the restaurant and show the Pharmacy Coupon to the counter. Digestive - SEXY COLOGNE ----------- (2) TIARA ----------- Next, enter the materia store and talk to the guy on the counter. Stay at the inn, and during the night, you'll wake up. 50 Gil - GLASS TIARA ------------------ (3) UNDERGARMENT ------------------ Lastly, go the the Honey Bee Inn. I just used the following combination format in coming up with this guide: Dress Wig Dress Wig Cologne Dress Wig Cologne Tiara Dress Wig Cologne Tiara Undergarment The following are the possible item combinations you can have if you followed the sequence on how I got the key items and its corresponding effect (I tested the following thoroughly.

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It was all right I've had better dog food Depending on what you choose, you'll get the following: 1. Talk to him and he'll give you the "Member's Card" to gain access to the Inn. Depending on what room you have chosen, you'll receive the following items: 1. This part is for those who fail to see, and for those who want to recall, the funny and interesting side-events in the Wall Market.

Mia: Since nothing changes until something changes, hiring a dating coach isn't a bad idea. Before you start fretting over getting married again, focus on reconnecting with another person romantically.

That will not work, because you only make a relationship when you are yourself.

In the end, there's pretty much someone for everyone. There are lots of folks these days claiming that they're dating coaches, but they'll just take your money. Q: I've been divorced twice, and I cannot even think about a third failure.

A lot of people say they are, but then when a coach tells them to lose the gray hair or drop 20 pounds, they balk. Check references carefully before you sign any contracts. How can I know I may find the best woman ever in 10 years? I do NOT want to do that if the relationship falls apart.

In the ordinary course of the game, Tifa will be chosen, but do you know that if you fulfill certain requirements, the Don may rather choose Tifa or... Just to note, to those doing the dating quest, many of the decisions you make in this quest may greatly affect the outcome you want (Check the Dating FAQ). " ============================================= 2.0 - DON CORNEO ATTRACTION MECHANICS GUIDE ============================================= The side-quest will start once you're in the boutique and Aeris asked you to collect some items needed for your disguise. " --- Cloud (Jump to 3.1.3) "This slender little girl." --- Tifa (Jump to 3.1.1) ------ 3.1.1 - Tifa is chosen ------ [Aeris & Cloud looked at Tifa] Tifa : "Fu, fu, fu... We've got guests." "We'll take REAL good care of you." "This is all thanks to the big boss, Don Corneo!

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