Are james roday and maggie lawson really dating

28-Jul-2017 17:27

When asked by Zap2it if Gus is living with Jules and Shawn in San Francisco, Hill laughs and says, “I think Gus has his own place.

Now whether he has his own lady or not yet, that I don’t know.

Talk about working with Paul and did they make you guys do a chemistry read before he was cast? So she sends us on our first task, and we are not excited because we met when he picked me up at the airport, but I didn’t know that he was the best man. I will say the first couple of days, I was a little rusty getting into my character, but like the bond, the flow, how we all work together, it was like a day never passed. So what’s the story that brings everyone back together? They haven’t given us a lot of room to say much, but I will say, it’s very fun, that sort of energy that was always there. As I say, he’s rehabbing the s–t out of it, which you probably can’t say, but we had a thing we used to always say on set, which is like, “Tim, are you going to act the s–t out of this?

, starring Maggie Lawson and Paul Greene, wraps up the month.

Lawson plays Tess Harper, a bright and resourceful young doctor, who can seemingly handle any problem, but her own.

So it’s sort of like the kid’s table at Thanksgiving. He’s so incredibly talented as an actor, but also musically, so in between shots — and we had several night shoots, he would get out his guitar and start playing music, or because we were shooting a wedding movie, we were in hotels and conference halls that might have a piano. I don’t know if a lot of people know that, but he’s quite funny. We didn’t meet, not even a chemistry read, until our very first scene together.

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I have heard someone say, “Oh, they met at a wedding,” so maybe that’s other people’s experience, but it’s not really been mine. He can sit down and play any instrument, and he would start doing that in between takes while we were having setups and late nights, so he kept our spirit’s awake. And it was really lovely because Mel Damski, who directed it, was so open to banter and improv and letting us go. I’ve had to remind myself, “Oh, we’re not here for six months doing the series. You can expect a little more action and adventure then we usually deliver. It was written and directed by our creator, Steve Franks.

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