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07-Jan-2018 17:13

Read Line() End Sub Sub msg(By Val mesg As String) mesg. Write Line(" " mesg) End Sub Public Class handle Clinet Dim client Socket As Tcp Client Dim cl No As String Public Sub start Client(By Val in Client Socket As Tcp Client, _ By Val cline No As String) Me.client Socket = in Client Socket No = cline No Dim ct Thread As Threading. Start() End Sub Private Sub do Chat() Dim request Count As Integer Dim bytes From(10024) As Byte Dim data From Client As String Dim send Bytes As [Byte]() Dim server Response As String Dim r Count As String request Count = 0 While (True) Try request Count = request Count 1 Dim network Stream As Network Stream = _ client Socket.

In the first the optional parameter is a string, so you can attach one file.

In the second, it is an Array List, so that you can attach multiple files.