Az phone dating and texting

25-Sep-2017 05:17

Kevin: nothing Parent: you're kidding me right?

Kevin: *laughs to self about a text he just recently recieved* Parent: what are you laughing at?

Instead of doing that and dragging this out any longer, allow yourself to let go.

He says he’ll let you know when he’s interested, but he hasn’t.

Even if you’re in a casual relationship, the whole point is to show up — in person.

Sometimes we push to make a relationship happen in order to justify all of the time we spent on it.

My friend, who lived strictly by the rule that you should not double text for fear of looking too “thirsty,” as the kids call it, was aghast. My now-boyfriend has been teased for “texting like a girl,” but it was immediately one of my favorite things about him.

I am an effusive texter, and in past relationships I would get frustrated when my multi-text theses would be answered with “yeah” or “sure.” I needed someone who was just as willing to give themselves carpal tunnel as I was.

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