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18-Aug-2017 13:23

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A former student of Kolkata's Loreto House, Sen met her first "boyfriend", five years her junior, while in high school. He was older, divorced and ready to settle down again," Sen recalled.

A former director of the Fertiliser Corporation of India, now a technical consultant, recalls how as a trainee he ran away with his girlfriend 10 years his senior. Rejection of the relationship by the family kept us together..when she passed away a few years ago, after five decades of companionship, I felt like a wasteland," the former government official, who lives alone surrounded by memories of his 'girlfriend' in Bihar, told IANS.

The last thing she needs in her life is another clingy, whiny, dependent lover! An older woman will tell you that you are an XXXXXXX if you're acting like one.

A young woman will say nothing, just in case it means you might break up with her. If you act immature enough and hang around long enough, an older woman will just mistake you for another one of her children and let you live at her house rent-free. An older woman will never get pregnant and then suddenly demand that the two of you get married.

India too is seeing its share of what in the West are called cougar women with the tribe of smart women entrepreneurs on the rise -- and in relationship mode. The fact that I taught, both in college and outside at a private coaching institute, fell aside as we caught up. We ended in a physical relationship," Sen told IANS, walking down memory lane.

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"Young men are sometimes disillusioned by women they meet in their peer groups because younger women are more demanding.Young women go hungry and bleed to death every time there's a natural disaster.An older woman always carries a condom in her purse.If you live in Los Angeles, it’s practically the norm.

We’re more apt to react with surprise when we hear about people getting together who are “age appropriate” because it’s common in this town for the man to be 10, 20 or more years older than his girlfriend.

) That means you can use this under-the-radar trick (she'll never know you're using it) and mold her into exactly what you want her to think of you. I used this trick to have a FOURSOME on a pile of dirty clothes in my crappy apartment.

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