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"Billy" was very confused about marriage and about being a "conservative" --- which he isn't, as I explained, while I am. For me, conservative and constitutionalist are one in the same. so that no man would have to ask for "permission" from another man to grant them equality.

Equality is suppose to be an unconditional guarantee by our constitution - not something to be conditionally granted by this religion or that religion or by this figurehead or that figurehead.

Why does one not hear "them" discuss how it is against biblical law to get divorced, to wear wool and cotton at the same time, for sex to take place during a woman's menstrual cycle and to commit adultery - to name a few.

"They" definitely do not discuss the written biblical required punishment for such violations - death by stoning. Last time I checked, hetero and gay couples consisted of two homosapiens. digg_id = 'digg-widget-container-upcoming'; //make this id unique for each widget you put on a single page.

Between each of these narrative spreads is a mural-sized color photograph, either representing some phase of life here or depicting a familiar campus scene. The membership of the student branch of the IEEE in- cludes electrical engineering majors and other students majoring in related fields. Megaphone Club OFFICERS President Norma Thompson Vice-President and Secretary Dolores Thomas Treasurer Patricia Thompson Publicity Chairman Gay Gottshall The Megaphone Club is composed of a sophomore girl from each sorority and two independents.

The remainder of the OLE MISS has been laid out and presented along more tradi- tional and familiar lines. The purpose of the society is to advance the theory and practice of electrical engineering, and to promote the professional development of electrical engi- neering. Instin Dodge, Gary Sisco, William Mc Keithen, Dale Gunkel, Emmelt II. rrhw i6i Front Row: Pamela Burgoyne, Pamela Juchheim, Linda Hamilton, Mary Jane Harvey, Eileen Quon, Judy Anderson. In addition, the club has a freshman representative from each sorority and two independents who serve as pledges.

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They released the album "Happy Feet" as Al Hudson and the Partners in 1979 which contains the R&B hit "You Can Do It" which was co-penned by Myers and a top 15 hit in the UK. In 1981 frontwoman Alicia Myers left the band to pursue a solo career. They had two more minor hits on the UK Singles Chart with "Music" (1979) and "Let's Talk" (1985).

We have, however, spruced up things a bit here and there. The IEEE endeavors to foster a professional spirit among students with common interests while instilling a. Second Row: Do- lores Thomas, Elizabeth Goza, Gay Gottshall, Cassie Wilson, Janie Fuller, Norma Thompson, Marilyn Leach, Rachel Earhart. During registration, the Megaphone Club sells red and blue ribbons to the freshman girls, who are supposedly re- quired to wear the ribbons in their hair for a week.

Reality: When you get someone’s number, you get excited, no matter how cool you try to act.… continue reading »

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Pop out of a small pop out cake or gift box Room service (hide under room service cart)Wrestling (hot oil, jello, whip cream)Baby (arrive in baby carriage with beard & cigar)Pranks & Practical Jokes - for April Fools Day OR Any day of the year! Typically a big furry gorilla will appear with a stunning balloon arrangement.… continue reading »

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