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The consequences can be both immediate and long term: health concerns like binge drinking and suicide are significantly higher for teens who experienced both physical and sexual violence.We can prevent teen dating violence by intervening early, before it ever happens.The best dating sites in this new digital-oriented era all exist online, for a fact.And there’s been a stunning growth in the number of such sites online, as well.

Violence between partners is common among high-risk, urban middle school students, according to new findings on teen dating violence in the Journal of Adolescent Health.Although this may seem early to start thinking about this, it's not. Findings from a CDC survey of high school students analyzed in today's JAMA Pediatrics, show one in 5 females and one in 10 males experienced teen dating violence in the year prior to the survey.This survey's first national estimates of sexual teen dating violence underscore that females are disproportionately affected.As little as 10 years ago, there were only a few dozen such sites found on the Internet, but now there are more than a hundred quality sites just for the United States dating market and even more found overseas or in other countries, when all are combined.

The online dating market is also one that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, too, especially for the top personals sites.All the top online dating sites succeed because they offer several ways for members to communicate with each other, at first through the website itself and then member-to-member, in some way or another.

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