Dns records updating consolidating private student loans in default

11-Aug-2017 20:41

For a number of reasons (including automating deployments, updating records based on dynamic IP addresses and creating internal hostnames for instance deployments) I wanted to be able to push updates to DNS zones hosted on AWS Route53, and I wanted to be able to script the process.

Below is an example of how acheive these updates from the CLI (in this instance updating an existing host record).

Although there are many different types of DNS records, most of these record types aren't commonly used.

So rather than focus on record types you probably The A record maps a host name to an IP address and the PTR record creates a pointer to the host for reverse lookups.

[[email protected] ~]$ ipa dns-update-system-records --dry-run IPA DNS records: _kerberos-master._tcp.

[[email protected] ~]$ cat ipa-records.nsupdate ; IPA DNS records update delete _kerberos-master._tcp.

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Even more usefully they are actually pretty easy to use!When you push a DNS update to Route53 you need to pass in the ID of the hosted zone (a hosted zone normally being the domain name you wish to update).This command will list all of the zones / domains currently hosted under your account: “Id”: “/hostedzone/Z1W9BXXXXXXXLB” is the bit you’re looking for with everthing after ‘/hostedzone/’ being the ID (in this instance Z1W9BXXXXXXXLB).Domain names are for humans while IP addresses are for machines.

When humans go to a website, they use its domain name to reach the website.The below document provides instructions on how to update A and SPF records with some popular domain registrars.

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