Early dating of the new testament

19-Aug-2017 18:31

An additional point to make about the relationship between Mark and Matthew is that the connection between the two books is a written connection rather than an oral connection.

In other words, the connection is not due to an account passed down by word of mouth, but rather, one book used a written copy of the other.

an anonymous writer would "speak" in the name of a historical figure.

The Gospels, it was felt, would more likely be viewed as accurate, authentic, and persuasive if it was believed they were written by the disciples of Jesus, eyewitnesses to his ministry. In addition, Paul was one of the most fundamental figures (some would argue, more influential than Jesus himself) in what was to become the Christianity of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

Revelation is about "the last things" and the second coming of Jesus, so it makes sense that it comes at the end.

Revelation and the Gospels function as bookends for the New Testament.

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A chronological New Testament sequences the documents very differently.All of the New Testament Documents were written Before 100 AD In letters written between 95-110 AD, three prominent church fathers [Clement, Ignatius, and Polycarp] quoted passages from 25 of the 27 New Testament books.