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What Age Verification Really Is: The Death of Online Anonymity We need to begin by understanding what age verification really is.By definition, mandatory age verification represents an effort to make online anonymity a crime.I get so frustrated when I see comments like this because it is abundantly clear to me that people don’t think things through when it comes to age verification.As I pointed out in my lengthy PFF report, “Social Networking and Age Verification: Many Hard Questions; No Easy Solutions,” age verification is extremely complicated, and it would be even more complicated in this case because public officials are demanding the age verification of minors as well as adults, which presents a wide array of special challenges and concerns.Following an announcement by Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro on Friday that his country would grant asylum to Snowden if requested, Nicaragua and Bolivia quickly filed suit.Of course, Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was searched for Snowden last week by Austrian authorities–but the has the details on Snowden’s improved prospects, but does not describe the diplomatic negotiations surrounding his transfer in depth.You are now viewing a page which is currently set as the "default view" of your subsite.You can point the default view to other items as well.

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The skills that you will learn by studying for the CCIP will help you conduct and manage cyber investigations and critical intelligence gathering missions quicker than ever before, with more accuracy.The items must be "Publicly Published" before anyone will be able to see it on the public facing version of the CMS.