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Dashcams are one of the hottest pieces of car tech around at the moment - and one of the most useful.You've no doubt seen dash cam videos on You Tube, but even if you're not interested in publicising your own driving footage, they can still be a great purchase - especially for high-mileage business drivers or lorry drivers who spend hours at a time behind the wheel.Advert supported viewing is completely free and for a small monthly charge MSW Pro gives unlimited webcam viewing with no interruptions.There are uk webcams pointed at just about part of Britain.The same in-house design facilities and CNC machines are used to produce our huge range of performance road cams to the same exacting standards and with the same amount of success.This means the superior quality of our cams will be available to everybody whether you drive a NASCAR or a Nova!We put eight dash cams to the test here to find out which is best. If footage is fuzzy, dark, or unclear, it won't be admissable in court, so try and get a camera with a high resolution and if possible, a polarised lens to protect against headlamp glare in your footage. Cheap units can be had for as little as £10, but these are often near enough useless when it comes to recording video.

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