Group policies not updating

07-Aug-2017 16:56

This allows you to review the event logs even after the Target Device reboots.

Three attempts later and it was still adamant it wanted to be "Manual" and nothing else.

I had spent real huge amount of time in dealing with drive mapping in Group Policy preferences in last week.

It’s easy as you see, but very difficult when you want to troubleshooting.

Make sure the VDA computer accounts have Read access to the loopback user GPOs, even if those GPOs only contain user settings.

To get rid of the Windows 10 “we’re happy you’re here” message: Sven Huisman Windows 10 in non-persistent VDI – Login speed – part 1 has some additional group policy settings to speed up Windows 10 logon. The following are more applicable to virtual desktops than session hosts: If you are using Provisioning Services, it might be desirable to move the event logs to a persistent cache disk.

So, I decided to write this post to help my blog visitors by providing as much as information I have gathered/learnt in Drive mapping related things.