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13-Feb-2018 16:49

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The Cliff Watson Electronic Program Guide (CW_EPG) is a tool that works cooperatively with the native software applications of My HD, Fusion HDTV, and HD Homerun tuners to improve your television-scheduling and schedule-viewing experience.

Freevo allows you to manage your entire digital media collection -- music, videos, photos, and more -- via a remote ontrolled TV interface and through the built-in web interface you can also access your media, view your TV guide and schedule recordings from anywhere in the world. GB-PVR is a fully featured free home media center application for Windows, allowing you to easily use your remote to watch tv, schedule recordings, watch videos, listen to music, view photos etc.

I've just installed Mythdora 5.0 and have pretty much got the system up and running - except for the channel listings.

2008-09-03 .039 Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file (this is just part of the log, but seems to be the important bit) Prior to this I ran tv_grab_uk_rt --configure and made sure the .xmltv (in my case s-video.xtml) file was in /.mythtv When I go back into Myth TV there are no channels in the channel list for my video source - I have a feeling it might be something to do with files being in wrong locations??

Nick, I'm currently having a problem get my channels listing. I've followed your directions and I got stuck at $ tv_grab_na_dtv --configure selected my time zone entered my zip code then got, "Initial site parsing failed, no iframe tag." I've login as you specified in the earlier post. 2008-09-03 .036 FAILED: xmltv returned error code 3328.

-- View this message in context: from the xmltv-users mailing list archive at I'm new to this so forgive me I'm missing something v. I've got Mythtv setup to show tv_grab_uk_rt as my grabber, but when I run 'mythfilldatabase --manual' as per instructions for the first time, I get the following error in the terminal window: 2008-09-03 .927 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost Failed to write to /home/mythtv/.xmltv/supplement/tv_grab_uk_rt/channel_at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/XMLTV/line 233.

If running as user=mythtv: # chown -R mythtv:mythtv /home/mythtv/.xmltv/ When the grabber is run, it retrieves an up-to-date list of available channels from the XMLTV supplement server.

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2008-09-03 .039 Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file Make sure the user you are configuring the grabber with has write permissions for the /home/mythtv/.xmltv/ directory (and directories/files below it).The EIT grabber had run long enough to get a weeks worth of data, so I thought I’d turn it off and wait for the RT site to come back online.A few days later the wonderful people at the RT had their side all sorted, and I was in a position to re-instate the RT grabber.I used to use the excellent Radio Times XML data with the XMLTV grabber to get my listings for Myth TV.

When the Radio Times data was a little slow in coming over Christmas and New Year, I gave the EIT listings data a try.

Couch Potato is a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X that will display a schedule for your favorite TV channels.

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