Pad sex chat

25-Sep-2017 08:22

Our highly informative (and frequently laugh-out-loud funny) #Sex Period chat focused on how menstruators and their partners feel about period sex. Here are a few of our favorites: “I used to wear tampons until one time I was at the mall and I felt sticky stuff trickling down my leg. My tampon fell out and I don’t even…Read more In celebration of the launch of A New Cycle, our period-positive guide to a healthier period, we’re introducing you to the contributors! On average a woman loses 3 - 5 tablespoons of blood and tissue during her period.During one of these trips is when my first period arrived.

We would go on a 30 mile trail that would end at the beach, have lunch, then go back the 30 miles.It’s a way to avoid the word ‘vagina’, thus encouraging the idea that there’s something wrong with the word, that it’s something we shouldn’t be saying.

Profiles are no longer regarded as real people with feelings, but rather are treated like pieces of candy you swipe to “win.”Tinder and many of the other swiping apps, such as Bumble and JSwipe, activate the reward center of the brain.… continue reading »

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