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25-Sep-2017 22:32

"And I thought, that's not going to be me." Janice joined the Peace Corps to work on environmental projects abroad. Then at her orientation in Washington, DC, Janice was handed a slip of paper with the name of a random country. The instructions: find the volunteer with the corresponding capital of that country and introduce them to the group.She helped to develop the first recycling program in our town of Ramnicu Valcea. Someone named Glen Harrison had that corresponding capital city.

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We have been all over places that can’t be found on a map. Any former volunteer is a local celebrity in their community. We may not be prepared to kids, but chances are, we have dealt with many that were not our own. As long as we aren’t around other volunteers, we remain positive about the goodness in the world. Living 2 years on a monthly salary you probably make in a day is something we are totally comfortable with. We can watch ants for hours and fully understand why chickens are relatives to dinosaurs. We have read more books and watched more movies than what is healthy. We will not depend on you to spend every waking hour giving us attention. You’ll never hear volunteers complaining about designer labels or water pressure. Woman A: I moved to South America five years ago from California when I became a Peace Corps volunteer.

Woman A: I had a partner at the time I moved to South America."Through the skirmish when we were looking around I heard out of my ear someone say Thailand," says Glen.

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