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Consider doing a random act of kindness and get to know an Inmate through letters.

Consider taking a few minutes to write a letter or send a card.

Some penpals eventually arrange to meet face to face; sometimes leading to serious relationships, or even marriage.

Penpals come in all ages, nationalities, cultures, languages and interests.

"Even though you're taking a picture of something on your wall, the wall is made of some really weird brick you've never seen before, stuff like that really gets the conversation started, and "Another friend was matched with a girl from China," Kang added.

"Apparently she had lived in China her whole life, and my friend in California was the very first non-Chinese person she had ever had the opportunity to communicate with in real life."Kang says it is cases like these, along with the change in perspective Wayfare brings, that truly makes the app great.

In passive mode, you simply post your message and wait to be contacted, while in active you directly contact persons of interest.

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There are a few websites offering this type of services, but obviously some are better than others.

Many people prefer to receive paper letters, gaining the satisfaction of seeing their name carefully printed on a thick envelope in the letterbox.