Process of validating a questionnaire

30-Aug-2017 18:48

process of validating a questionnaire-22

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This primarily means the items are reliable (consistent) and valid (measuring what we intend to measure).

So if we say a questionnaire measures perceptions of website usability, it should be able to differentiate between usable and unusable websites and do so consistently over time.

Once the validation of a questionnaire is successful into the desired language, the questionnaire will be more acceptable by the society and Physician, which can provide more accurate diagnostic result.

A questionnaire is simply a ‘tool’ for collecting and recording information about a particular issue of interest.

Reliabilityprocesses indicated that the SQ is reliable: Cronbach’s alpha 0.94 for the global SQ and between 0.80-0.91 for the foursubscales.

Test-retest statistic examination revealed stability of the responses at two time points 10 weeks apart.

Questionnaire should always have a definite purpose that is related to the objectives of the research.To develop a questionnaire, various factors such as question sequence, layout, content, response structure & wordings are to be formed.On forming a questionnaire, pretest or pilot validation is performed, which is followed by translation into the local vernacular language of the target population to administer it to the local group of patients, because all the patients are not aware of the original language of the Questionnaire in which it formed.The purpose of the paper is to describe the processes undertaken to evaluate the psychometric properties of aquestionnaire developed to measure spirituality and examine the relationship between spirituality and coping in youngadults with diabetes.

The specific validation processes used were: content and face validity, construct validity using factor analysis, reliabilityand internal consistency using test-retest reliability and Cronbach’s alpha correlation coefficient.The final questionnaire consists of 29 items and the psychometrics indicated that it is valid and reliable.