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When the researchers overlaid the closest matches onto a genetic map of India, the highest density was in areas dominated by India's "doma", "scheduled tribes and castes" – the low caste dalits or untouchables who suffer widespread and generational discrimination and usually do society's dirtiest jobs.The researchers believe the descendants of today's Roma gypsies in Europe began their westward exodus first to fight in wars in what is today Punjab between 10 on the promise of a promotion in caste status.While film and literature was spreading misconceptions and affecting the opinions of people who may never even have met a black man or brown skinned Gypsy, these negatives were also reaching the bottom ranks and subtly stigmatizing the slaves into accepting their subservient role.Their dignity was taking a beating and stirring new feeling of either disdain of the oppressor or idolization which shows in the brewing tensions between field slaves and the better connected house servants, the so-called “Uncle Tom”, a term still thrown around today in ways of denigrating “too-much” assimilation.The term is therefore first and foremost a construct.

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While there were matches with samples from men throughout the Indian sub-continent, the closest match and the least genetic variation occurred with those from north-west India.

Women and children from the Roma community stand in front of a former gendarmerie barrack that has been requisitioned by a group of associations and citizens to house them in Marseille, Southern France Gypsies have long believed they have origins in India, citing common Sanskrit words in their languages and photographs of darker-skinned ancestors in South Asian clothes, while earlier research has offered some scientific support for their suspicions.

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