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27-Nov-2017 23:00

Conservationist Saba Douglas-Hamilton stars in a new TV series that highlights her life in a safari camp and the issues that have been central to her family’s work for decades.She caught up with Laura Griffith-Jones What was your childhood like? Our first language was Kiswahili and we spent a lot of time bumping around in the back of a Land Rover while our parents observed elephants. Everything here feels more real: one lives much closer to the harder truths of life, so the better side of human nature comes out. There’s been a lot of bad press recently, what with fears about Ebola and terrorist attacks, but the wildlife areas are miles from the Somali border. Similarly, we are a long, long way from countries affected by Ebola. You’re more likely to be involved in a terrorist attack or to contract the disease in London.

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In addition, as a team of volunteers, we support Ingrid Kerkvliet in organising the annual Future For Nature Award event.

For three years, she attended an all-girls boarding school in Britain which she later described as being ‘like a prison’.