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13-Feb-2018 06:57

If you have duplicate addresses in the column check out this example.

Dear Jelle (Jelle is a name in column A for example)Please contact us to discuss bringing your account up to date Dim Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Dim cell As Range Application.

Check if a file exists in a specific folder with VBA code To check if a file exists in a specific folder or not in Excel worksheet, you can apply the following VBA code, please do as this: 1.

Hold down the ALT F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Click Insert Sub Test_File_Exist_With_Dir() 'Updateby Extendoffice 20161109 Application.

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Screen Updating = False Dim c As Range Dim r As Long Dim my Area As Range Dim my Range As Range Set my Area = Active Sheet. There can be multiple List Auto Filters on a single worksheet. Print "List Auto Filters: " & i End Sub Sub Hide Arrows List1() 'hides all arrows except list 1 column 2 Dim Lst As List Object Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer Application. Also see: Excel Worksheet Auto Filter VBA and Excel Auto Filter Basics The following macro shows all records in List 1 on the active sheet, if a filter has been applied. As you are working on a worksheet, copying and moving information from one place to another, you may wonder if there is a way to copy or move a selection without Excel changing all the references within the selection. If you are copying a selection, then Excel will update all relative references within the selection when you paste it.

) Let's take a look at how you can both copy and move selections in Excel.Text = my Value Then If r = 0 Then Set my Range = c r = 1 Else Set my Range = Union(my Range, c) End If End If Next c my Range.

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