Sedating dogs for travel gravol

10-Sep-2017 12:13

His name was Kajal and he seemed really sweet natured…Well, he was until…. I knew that it would take me a while to comb out the dead hair from K’s coat, and to shave out several ‘assumed’ matts, but I only understood the severity of his coat condition once I picked him up in my arms.

Entering my clients home, one evening, I was greeted by a huge silver coloured Persian with a face like a large moon and as hairy as a bear.

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Your symptoms will usually get better when you stop moving, but may carry on for a few hours.

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(A pelt is a matt that has been left to gather more hair to the point whereby it becomes too tight to the skin to comb out.

It causes bruising to the skin and can cause a lot of discomfort and pain).

Only the central fur along his back was clear of matts due to the fact that this was the only place on his body he allowed his owners to comb.

Kajal’s coat was matted all over under the top layer of grey fluff.

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This was one rare time whereby I had failed to actually ask the client how matted their cats’ coat was!

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