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SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Duane, it's your mother. SS (MIDWESTERN, ON PHONE): Just called to say that I'm not going to be home on Sunday, Duane. SS (ON PHONE): I'm aware of that but I've adopted a highway, Duane, and I'm going to spend the weekend picking up trash and afterward I'm going to have lunch with my Mothers Group and have egg salad sandwiches and just open up and share our disappointments or whatever. You sound sort of relieved that you don't have to come over to the house and sit and eat my scrambled eggs and have a glass of white wine that I'm sure is hardly up to your standards. (BEAT) TR (WILLIE NELSON, SINGS OFF, TINNY): You were always on my mind...

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----And I know it's none of my business, but I have to ask. A sharp-tongued, witty young woman with cascading brown hair, Olivia packed up and drove 2,200 miles from home to one of the nation’s driest and most desolate national parks.One evening, about three weeks in, she asked her 21-year-old housemate, who also worked for the National Park Service, for a ride to a coworker’s house several miles up the desert road, where she was housesitting for the weekend. Simply giving people the space they need to not get sick of him is something he considers "game playing." He speaks in sound bites of patronizing, treacly bullshit like, "You never let me hold you anymore," and, "You gave me a key, but when are you gonna let me in , huh? He's the onscreen embodiment of the ultimate mid-30s single woman's nightmare of exactly who or what you should settle for.

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As far as Aidan is concerned, "boundaries" are just a bunch of walls between us, bro.

I got a singing Mother's Day card from your cousin Brian.