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05-Jan-2018 21:36

I think it was a stress factor, and it was pissing rain, you know?

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Despite the sub-4 metre length, it is absolutely planted to the road at serious 3-digit speeds. t include conversations about his sexual orientation because ? We had a powwow, sort of a roundtable campfire discussion when we merged, and that? I think they would make a super cute couple I've always thought JP was the hottest, sexiest, fiercest beyotch on the show. Calderon, by the way, works part-time as a bartender at a gay bar, The Silver Fox, in Long Beach, according to the Long Beach Gazette.

d be interesting if this diverse season had two openly gay male contestants who both left the show without any mention of their sexual orientation, especially if they had some sort of relationship during production. I grew up athletic, I grew up playing football, I grew up running track,? Not all gay/bi people are super obvious about it, but yeah, I didn't see it either much from JP (I did from Brad).