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This archived web site presents open-ended math challenges for students K-5 and learners are encouraged to use their thinking skills to solve the problem and then share their work with an adult, friend or classmate.Each challenge is presented in the form of a story taken from the life of Aunty Mathilda, her two nephews Barney and Danny, and her niece Gina.You can use Aunty Dee to work through one problem, or you can ask about many problems and use Aunty Dee over and over again – it’s completely up to you.And you can use Aunty Dee on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer.There are additional links for teacher support in modifying and extending each challenge and for an easier and/or harder version of the challenge.

It is, quite possibly, the world's worst acronym ever devised, but it's a tremendous trend in family travel.

Ott never wanted to have children of her own, but loves travelling with her six nieces: "A while ago I decided to stop getting my nieces gifts for holidays, graduations, or birthdays.

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(At this stage, there is no robust research on the trend in here.)"As women marry later, they're also having kids later or not at all," says Melanie Notkin​, CEO of the website Savvy Auntie."They're spending a great deal of time earning income.

That income gives them the option to indulge nieces and nephews, taking them on cultural adventures."These changing demographics are redefining family travel: no longer is it simply a mum, dad and two kids.

Structured Problem Solving is a strategy based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and has been shown to reduce depression symptoms in both adults and young people.