Who is chris evert dating

05-Sep-2017 14:06

He owned seven properties, including Valhalla, a private jet, numerous sports cars, 150 horses and over 0,000 worth of toupees.

Many of his investments, including forays into the restaurant chain Po’ Folks and the United States Football League's Tampa Bay Bandits, either lost money or struggled, and his divorce to Loni Anderson dropped his net worth from million to million.

But off the court, what fans and critics didn't see was that Chris and Martina had a remarkable friendship.

Chris and Martina are now sharing the real story that brought them together and created a lasting bond.

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Here they make an appearance at the Golf Writers Dinner before the 2013 Masters.

Her father, Jimmy Evert, was working 7 days a week as the tennis pro at Holiday Park (since renamed the Jimmy Evert Tennis Center) and looking for ways to be closer to his children.But I haven't been somebody who's been smart about his money.