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30-Nov-2017 17:01

Finally, my current partner showed me the importance of communication.

Communication is important - in life, in every relationship, in dating.

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Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Liz Lemon, the self-professed relationship neurotic character on "30 Rock" recently became famous for her book on deal breakers.

Well hey there, you've got a good head on your shoulders and you refuse to date a climate change denier or a person who exclusively hangs out with wildly inappropriate alt-right talk show hosts. OK, so, you still have a bit of work to do when it comes to figuring out this whole dating thing. Practice saying "climate change is real" in the mirror to get your gumption up, and maybe just, IDK, block them on Twitter if you find them being hyper annoying, (I mean, block them before they block you.

A third showed me that chemistry is an extremely important issue and without it nothing happens.

I'm not an expert on dating, but I play some online.

When I say dating so I do not mean that the other person is your boyfriend / girlfriend.

I'm not discounting all that metrosexual men go through to maintain their fabulousness, but you should not take as long as a woman.

2) Life was better in the past You know this guy who always talks about college like he graduated four years ago.

She said she discusses deal breakers at the beginning of her class on relationships because it’s something most people in the room have probably thought of before.